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Micro Rhombus turn signals are waterproof and feature LED lighting and a "Longlife-Protection-Guard- Electronics" circuit. Micro-sized metal body only measures 3" (7.5 cm) long, 3/4" (2 cm) high, and 1" (2.5 cm) deep. Transparent lens is EU approved for front and rear use. Standard fixation in 8mm drilled holes. Available in chromed, black anodized or polished. There is even a "Stealth" version with a black housing and ultra dark lens, dark as the night but super bright when working. Installation of LED type turn signals requires -except for models with a CAN-Bus system-, the use of an electronic turn signal flasher unit such as the ZPN237304 or two Kellermann in-line resistors ZPN742046 to retain the original flashing sequence. Resistors as well as turn signals are sold each.


Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
742046 Turn signal resistor £5.38
742098 Replacement rubber mount with stud £5.31
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
741720 Chrome, front/left or rear/right £58.92
741721 Chrome, front/right or rear/left £58.92
741722 Black, front/left or rear/right £54.40
741723 Black, front/right or rear/left £54.40
742028 Stealth, black with dark lens, front/left or rear/right £63.45
742029 Stealth, black with dark lens, front/right or rear/left £63.45
741724 Polished, front/left or rear/right £54.40 £21.77
741725 Polished, front/right or rear/left £54.40 £42.68

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NOTE: Replacing the stock turn signals with turn signals that draw less Amps, such as LED turn signals, requires the separate purchase of a Load Equalizer or replacement of the stock turn signal relay with an electronic turn signal flasher, such as ZPN 237304. CAN-Bus (HD-Link) equipped 2011 to present Softail, 2012-2017 Dyna, 2014 to present Sportster and 2014 to present Touring do not require a Load Equalizer when LED turn signal inserts are used, as the blinking speed can be adjusted. Download instructions from