AFB Motorcycles

These 4 gauge (5.2mm) diameter fat and flexible cables will transfer more cranking power with the least amount of voltage drop and amperage loss. Over 1,000 strands of copper are covered with a special vinyl insulation and finished with a synthetic thermo-rubber jacket. Sealed and insulated black thermal heat shrink tubing makes them moisture proof. Sold in sets.


Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Fits all XG 500 and XG 750 Street models (OEM 66000024 & 6600029)
Fits all 2017 to present Touring & Trike models (OEM 66000116 & 69201130)
Fits all 2018 to present Milwaukee Eight Softail (OEM 66000118 & 69201855)

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Note: Battery Performance: Cranking Amps (CA) are measured at 32º F (0ºC), Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) are measured at 0º F (-18ºC), capacity in AH is stated at a 10 hour rating

Dealer Notification:
Batteries that are shipped by air (such as UPS Express Saver) are subject to Safety Regulations and therefore require special packaging and labeling. Batteries that are shipped as road cargo (such as UPS Standard and TNT Economy Express) are subject to less strict Safety Regulations.