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V-Force Maintenance Free batteries are high-output batteries and are holding voltage better than regular lead-acid batteries. The 200, 310 and 350 cranking Amp batteries come dry with a special easy-to-use highgravity battery acid pack. Once filled from this special pack, the acid is totally absorbed in the special plates and separators. The battery is then permanently sealed with the included plug off strip, never to be opened again and ready for use. Because of the permanent seal, there is no need for the Yuasa V-Force batteries to check the acid level, nor topping-up with distilled water again. V-Force batteries have been tested and proven on Big Inch and High Compression motors. Even engines with 14:1 compression can be easily started.

: These High Power batteries will need longer charging time than normal lead-acid batteries. You should ride the bike for 50 to 60 miles to fully recharge the battery after starting. If this is not done the use of our AccuMate Trickle Charger (ZPN238436) is recommended when the bike is stored. On some models minor modification of the battery hold down system may be necessary.


Ship as Ship as Fits Dimensions
road cargo air cargo
Sportster 2004 to present
Buell 1125R 2008-2011
Battery with 200CA, 160CCA, 12AH (A) L=15cm, H 14.5cm, W=8.7cm
FXR 1982-1994
Softail 1986-1990
Sportster 1979-1996
Buell 1987-1996
Battery with 310CA, 250CCA, 18AH (B) L=17.5cm, H=15.5cm, W=8.7cm
High Performance battery with 350CA, 280CCA, 18AH
Softail 1991 to present
Dyna 1991-2017
Sportster 1997-2003
V-Rod 2007 thru 2017, except 2006-2007 Street Rod
Buell S1, M2 & M3
Battery with 310CA, 250CCA, 18AH (A) L=17.5cm, H=15.5cm, W=8.7cm
High Performance battery with 350CA, 280CCA, 18AH
FL, FLH & FLT all models 1980-1996
Battery with 310CA, 250CCA, 21AH (A) L=20.5cm, H=16.2cm W=8.7cm
FLH & FLT all models 1997 to present
Battery with 335CA, 270CCA, 30AH (A) L=16.6cm, H=17.5cm, W= 12.6cm
VRSC V-Rod 2002-2006
VRSCR Street Rod 2006-2007
Buell XB9 & XB12
Battery with 200CA, 160CCA, 12AH (B) L=15cm, H=14.5cm, W=8.7cm

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Note: Battery Performance: Cranking Amps (CA) are measured at 32º F (0ºC), Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) are measured at 0º F (-18ºC), capacity in AH is stated at a 10 hour rating

Dealer Notification:
Batteries that are shipped by air (such as UPS Express Saver) are subject to Safety Regulations and therefore require special packaging and labeling. Batteries that are shipped as road cargo (such as UPS Standard and TNT Economy Express) are subject to less strict Safety Regulations.