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Most fuel is made up of high-energy constituents, which burn with a fairly high degree of efficiency. However, in addition to these high-energy fuel constituents, there are others, which tend to cause problems during the combustion process. These are the lighter components, which burn too fast at the beginning of the combustion process causing pre-ignition and the heavier ones, which burn too slowly at the end of the process causing both excessive smoke and carbon buildup. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst acts on both of these problem fuel components, insuring that they burn with the same efficiency as the rest of the fuel. All forms of Power Sports equipment such as motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles and personal watercraft can benefit from the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Once the Fitch Fuel Catalyst is installed the treated fuel will begin to burn more completely resulting in a cleaner, better running engine that will start easier, burn less fuel and increase power and performance. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst helps keep your fuel fresh during the off-season and eliminates the need for stabilizers and other additives. The fuel catalyst is warranted for 350.000 km or 5.000 operating hours, effectively the life of your engine. Comes in a package of two for both single and dual tankhalve applications.


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Fitch Fuel Catalyst

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