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The Super Stock ignition system is primarily intended for complete S&S engines and compromises high performance for a reasonable price. It's the right alternative for the S&S Intelligent Spark Technology (IST) ignition system or any other high performance ignition systems on the market. Like his more expensive IST brother, the Super Stock ignition system fits directly inside the Cam cover and features a similar break-in rev limit function to protect a new engine from damage with a fairly low initial rev limit. As the new engine accumulates running time, the rev limit is gradually increased. After 24 hours of operation the rev limit reaches the maximum 6,300 rpm. All Super Stock ignition systems are pre-programmed, simply because you do not need any adjustment. These programmed ignition curves are already custom tailored for the specific S&S engines. In addition to custom tailored curves, the module makes use of a Vacuum Operated Electrical Switch (VOES) to adjust timing under load or heavy acceleration to avoid detonation or knock. For technicians' support, each system has data logging capability. The recorded data is simply accessed by connecting a PC or laptop to the tachometer wire of the ignition. Each system includes S&S Super Stock Ignition module with hardware, Pick-up rotor with mounting screw, VOES switch with hardware, and all required wiring connectors.


•Single Fire operation, requires a Single Fire coil for single spark plug applications
•Dual plugged applications require a pair of two tower coils or a single four tower coil
•Minimum 3 Ohm primary resistance
•Pre-programmed, so no adjustment needed
•Overload and short circuit protection
•VOES retards timing under load or hard acceleration
•6300 RPM rev limiter
•24 hour break in rev limiter to prevent damage during break-in
•Data logging diagnostic capabilities
•All systems for Shovelhead style engines are kick start compatible

Data logging:

•Number of engine starts
•Total running time
•Amount of time of operation in several RPM ranges
•Maximum RPM
•Amount of time of operation at rev limit


•S&S High output Single Fire coil ZPN750578 is recommended, must be ordered separately
•Generator style engines require a special timer, designed to accept an electronic ignition, and reverse timer gears


Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Fits 93 CI Shovel & Pan style engines
Fits 103 CI Shovel style engines

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